“When my 6 year old son returned from surgery, the nurse gave him a Jared Box and his spirits soared! He was thrilled and excited to find all the goodies inside. He couldn’t believe they were actually for him. Needless to say, this gift made his stay easier, made him feel special and kept his mind occupied with fun thoughts, instead of the reason he was in the hospital. You are doing such a good deed. You make boys and girls happy every single day!”

“You have no idea how you touched those who receive your box. My son, Ryan, is 5 and was scared to death to be in the hospital. His Jared Box was the bright spot for him. He played with it the entire time. What a wonderful tribute to your friend Jared. I am sure he has a big smile on his face too.”

“My son Eli loves his Jared Box. It means a lot to him to have a box that belongs to him, in a place where he has no control or say over what happens. The joy you give him daily is priceless. Thank you and God Bless.”